¿What is PermeaPod?

It is an innovative irrigation system that reduce water and fertilizer use by 50%

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PermeaPod is a tank made of microporous ceramic, which may connect to an existing irrigation system, and is buried next to the roots of the plant or tree. 

Roots in contact or proximity with the tank, dry the soil, thus leeching water out of the block by capillary force.

It can be used in the greenhouse, garden, grow bed, pot or container.



Less water & fertilizer

By eliminating surface evaporation and infiltration in the soil, water and fertilizer use efficiency of close to 100% is achieved.

No water stress

The plants are always well hydrated, and never stressed because of lack of water (or excess)

Less pesticides & herbicides

PermeaPod does not wet the surface of soil, avoiding proliferation of pests and weeds

Areated soil
Soil doesn't get compacted, so air is able to flow through the soil
Wifi Connected

Temperature, humidity, and light can be transmitted  from control module to our free app

Free app

You can follow your crop from your mobile

Easy to use

Plants only take the water they need. No programmers needed

PermeaPod Basic

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